When a Bull Moose Crashed the Republican Party

By Cliff McCarthy After the clamor and hyperbole of the 2012 presidential election abates, we cannot help but be drawn to the past for comparison, or at least perspective, on our quadrennial media orgy. What a difference a century makes. Campaigning was different in 1912, when the nation experienced one of its wildest and most … Continue reading When a Bull Moose Crashed the Republican Party


Submitted by:  Barbara Pelissier, Westhampton Historical Society  What do 19th century churches and lunatic asylum’s have in common?  Both had dedication ceremonies that included the placement of a cornerstone either at or near the entrance or within the facade of the structure. Often accompanied by music and a simple Masonic ritual involving corn, wine and … Continue reading RECOVERING 19th CENTURY CORNERSTONES


By Barbara Pelissier Did the individual you are researching perform a heroic deed or even die while trying to save the life of another?  If so, there’s a possibility that a Carnegie Hero Award was bestowed upon that individual or, posthumously, upon their surviving family members.  Such was the case for Patrick O’Connor of Southampton, … Continue reading CARNEGIE HERO FUND AWARDEES