PVHN has selected “Disasters in the Pioneer Valley” as its theme for 2012.

What Pioneer Valley town hasn’t experienced some disaster? Whether natural or man-made, tragic events can quickly envelop a town.  Through your submissions to PVHN’s “Disasters in the Valley” webpage, we can all learn more about the calamitous events that affected and shaped the Pioneer Valley and how our various communities responded to them.

To view the project’s website, click here.

We invite participation from all our member groups and individuals who would like to add to our project in order to remember those who were claimed by these events and those who rose to the occasion when needed. You can add to our website in two ways:  a) you can respond to a summary story already posted by adding your comments or recollections of that event, or b) you can submit your own story of the disaster and how it affected your town.

For more information about submitting your story to the website, click here.

In addition, we hope historical societies and museums will take the “Disasters in the Valley” theme and run with it: design exhibits, host events, or activities that feature the calamities in your locality. As always, PVHN will help promote your exhibit or activity through our email list and with a special poster, yet to come. We already know of several exhibits and events that you’ll want to know about.

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