Join the Pioneer Valley History Network in celebrating the common thread that links our region — the Connecticut River & Its Tributaries.  Every community in our three counties has a link to the river.

We see this website as a way to examine all aspects of the river’s history: transportation on the river, its recreational uses, its dams, its bridges, its ferries, its economic importance to our region, its agriculture, its environmental aspects, the geological history of the valley, the log drives, the shad runs, the ice industry — there’s something for everyone.  Let’s not forget the 75th anniversary of the flooding of the Swift River, a Connecticut tributary, for the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir.

Once again, PVHN welcomes contributions from all over the Valley on different aspects of the river’s history.  You may send articles and/or photos to us at:

To visit the PVHN’s “Connecticut River & Its Tributaries” website, click “Connecticut River”.

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