35 Ely Rd.,
Monson, MA

keepTour the museum and marvel at the items collected by the Keep family who lived there for over 150 years. There is furniture, silver and cut glass, collections of rocks, minerals and shells, quilts and other needlework done by the women of the family, along with the extensive button collection (the pride of the museum). Visit the bedroom that Charles and Pearl Keep moved into on their wedding day in 1893 and that has the original wallpaper, carpet, furniture and the bill-of-sale for the furniture.

Unknown to many, Monson is home to a national treasure, cited on countless websites and known to antique button collectors everywhere. The museum houses one of the most outstanding antique button collections in the U.S. and is well worth a visit!

The museum property has a beautifully preserved and restored 19th century farm house and which, besides being home to the premier button collection, offers visitors over two miles of nature trails in 75 acres and carefully recreated gardens, The homestead, consisting of the land, a barn and the house with sixteen rooms, three attics and three cellars was donated to the Town of Monson when Myra Keep Moulton died in 1988.

For more information, call 413-267-4137, email khm@keephomesteadmuseum.org or visit the web at http://www.keephomesteadmuseum.org

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