The Cummington Historical Commission (CHC) functions both as a historical commission and as a historical society. The 7- member board is responsible for a variety of historical activities including:

* Overseeing Cummington’s Kingman Tavern Museum, which includes a 14 room house, a two story historic barn, a cider mill, and a carriage shed.
* Maintaining the town historic archives which are located in the Community House.
* Performing reviews of changes to historical structures, and maintaining a record of historic buildings.
* Supporting the preservation and promotion of Cummington history through lectures, projects, historical contributions, and a high school awards program, the W.W. Streeter Cummington History Award.

The archives of the town of Cummington are overseen by the Cummington Historical Commission. Most of the town’s archival materials are housed in the town’s Community House, located on Main Street in Cummington. Visits to the archives can be scheduled by appointment.   The collection is an assortment of primary and secondary documents and photos related to various aspects of Cummington History.

Contact Us!

U.S. Mail: Cummington Historical Commission, P.O. Box 10, Cummington, MA 01026

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