With support from Mass Humanities, PVHN will be able to offer Implementation

Funds to the participants to undertake projects that put their learnings into practice. These funds will be used to implement their plans, update their practices, or build their organization’s capacity in ways that are necessary first steps for creating humanities programs.

Participating organizations will develop Implementation Projects with the guidance of the workshop Presenters and Mentors and with input from the other workshop participants. They will apply for Implementation Funds in writing with a simple application consisting of a clear, concise description of their project, planned personnel and project outcome and goals. The applications will be reviewed, selected, and administered by the Project Planning Committee and the Humanities Scholar. In seeking Implementation Funds, the participants must show how their project will lead to the delivery of humanities content.

Some examples of how the Implementation Funds might be used by the participants are projects such as:

  • an audience expansion plan,
  • developing finding aids for collections,
  • planning for new exhibits,
  • walking tours,
  • designing a research program around a new topic.

Some of these projects may derive from the StEPs curriculum, in which each chapter has “Possible Projects” listed (see StEPs Attachment). While some of the StEPs suggestions might not lead to humanities content, this will be a requirement for use of the Implementation Funds.

FoOP Implementation Funds Application