PVHN hopes that this project will be replicable both here and in other parts of the Commonwealth. Therefore, a fair and honest Evaluation is important to this project.

The Evaluator and Primary Humanities Scholar for this project will be Joseph CarvalhoIII, historian, consultant, and former President & Executive Director of the Springfield Museums. He will work with the PVHN Planning Team on evaluation of the “Future of Our Past” project. Evaluation will consist of the following:

a) Wrap-Up & Assessment Meeting — The Project Director will facilitate this meeting to which the Participants, Presenters, and Mentors will be invited to discuss the different aspects of the project.

b) Written Survey — An evaluative survey developed by the Planning Team in conjunction with the Evaluator/Humanities Scholar, will be distributed to all Participants. The results will be compiled by the Planning Team and will be included in the project’s Final Report.

c) Evaluator’s Report — The Evaluator will review the information gathered from the Assessment Meeting and the Written Survey and synthesize the findings in the Evaluator’s Report, detailing: i) the effectiveness of the learning experience for the Participants, ii) its potential for creating organizational change, iii) the quality of the Implementation Projects and their effectiveness in improving the organization’s ability to deliver humanities content, iv) the program’s replicability.

d) Final Report to the Funders — The Project Director will write a final report on this project to be submitted to both funders. It will include the results of the Written Survey and the Evaluator’s Report in its entirety.